Welcome to DigitalIndiya! The Made in India Project.

A Non Government Project, Supported by Indians for Indians!

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What is Digital Revolution?

1965Factories used Giant computers
1980 People using Personal computers
1995People Using Internet computers
2010 People Using Cloud computers
2025 – People will Use IOT with AI computers

Changes going-on every 15 Years

The digital revolution is an ongoing processes of social, political, and economic change brought about by digital technology, i.e. computers, phones, internet etc.

Why to Join DigitalIndiya.com?

We belive, digitally connected Indians will make social, political, and economic changes in India. Infact, We are 10 years back from our neighbour Country – must read here.

Is this a Government Project?

No, It’s not. This is a Project by like-minded Indians.

Who can Join?

If, you belive “Change is the only constant in life” and only we can Initiate that change, let’s Join.

Our Vision

We #SupportIndianInnovators, Scientists to reach their Goal without Foreign Intrudes or Investments, and we started this to sustain “Made in India” by You!

Our Mission is Kalam’s Dream!

Join with us to make changes…

Join our #SupportIndianInnovators Digital Revolution, Made in India!

We pledge support, for our Indian Innovators by giving 20% from our Earnings!

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